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Our ReWild private program is about learning how to show up for yourself every single day. It includes personalized yoga, stretching, fitness, and cardio to help your body feel confident and energized, instead of jumping on the fatigue train of “just another workout”. And here’s the cool thing: I will be with you every step of the way. Sometimes we need a coach. Other times a teacher. And sometimes just a friend to listen. When we are teamed up together, all this becomes your personal toolbox to rely on, even when the skies get dark.

I want to invite you into this program because you know deep down, that this is the only life you’ll get, and that you DESERVE to ENJOY it.

This is your blueprint for a deeper connection to yourself by incorporating yoga, mindful meditations, fitness, and flexibility training into your daily life.

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If you’ve been searching for that 1-thing that is going to finally help you move past all those pesky self-doubts and into feeling joyful, alive and wild in your body, then you are in the right place.

ReWild Yoga + Fitness Studio in Traverse City has been created for the busy achievers out there who are working incredibly hard to grow themselves and their life...but finding it hard to delegate time in their schedule for self-care.

Our classes are strategically designed for maximum output to match your moods...whether you are craving slow nourishment, strength training, high-energy fun, or a relaxing class...we have you covered.

guilt-free fitness & Yoga

Why ReWild

Private yoga and fitness classes in Traverse City, MI that give you an indivisible wellness plan to lead you forward into the dream life you deserve.

Your health journey doesn’t deserve a backseat. YOU don’t deserve to be a secondary character in your own story.

The change you yearn to see in your life starts with


Book a private yoga and/or fitness class with one of our ReWild instructors, and begin building an individual plan towards your holistic health and wellness journey.

INVESTMENT $75/class

1:1 Private Pricing

Let's do this!

Lead with simplicity - Simple habits you can add into your daily life, without perfectionism or achievement

Get away from the diet culture that instills shame and guilt for not being enough

transform from feeling lost, frustrated, or in healthy, confident, and at ease in your own body

To Feeling Good

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Feel safe and confident in your body, even if you have chronic pain, injury, inflammation, or are just plain tired from life

You could plan your days with purpose and intention.

we create a fitness routine to give you freedom, flexibility, and joy in your daily habits.

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