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Unlock Your Creative Podcast: 5 Tips To Boost Instagram Engagement (No More Hearing Crickets) Ep.10

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement: No More Hearing Crickets

In this week’s episode, Creative Genius Melissa Lande interviews Marketing and Business Strategist Melanie Aubert on Instagram Engagement and what you can do to get more traction on your Instagram posts.

Have you ever felt lost when it comes to keeping up the masses with your Instagram game? Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of time curating the perfect post, only to have 3 people view it (one of those being your mom’s weird friend who calls herself your aunt, when she’s not, and all you want to do is awkwardly avoid her for the rest of your life??)

You’re not alone on this. In fact, I believe that more and more people are losing interest in the vanity metrics of Instagram (thank God) and searching for a more soulful approach to business.

A soulful business will sustain you far longer than any successful business.

But more on that later. Episode 10 on Unlock Your Creative Podcast with Melissa Lande and Melanie Aubert, features 4 key tips to managing and growing your Instagram Audience, even if up until this point, all you’ve gotten from Insta was a migraine, crickets, and the desire to chuck your phone in the toilet (a used toilet, no less.)

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Change Causes Growth

The Instagram Algorithm is always changing (duh, right?!) But let me do a lil mic drop moment here: how often do you change these two things along with it?

  1. Mindset
  2. Strategy

Let me paint you a picture of that trap that we creatives usually fall into.

We buy an online course that gives us the “perfect strategy” to “up” our Instagram game. And maybe it works, for a while. Then the algorithm happens and our engagement tanks.

We complain. We mourn. We stammer to our friends that it’s not fair. We write up a scalding review of Mark Zuckerberg that we are SURE will insight the masses and their pitchforks. But no. Instagram life goes on. And we find ourselves bitter, frustrated and here’s the ringer: DOING THE SAME GOD-DAMN THING WE DID BEFORE.

Yes, we’ve all done it. We know the Instagram algorithm changes but instead of changing with it, we do the same strategy and post at the same time, with the same tonality in our posts, because that’s what worked before.

Friend. If you want to truly impact your audience, your Instagram strategy should never actually be a strategy. It needs to flow like that cool-ass river in Pocahontas, always changing and never stagnant.

The work that brought you to this very moment, will be different than the type of strategy that you will need to bring you to your next level.

If you notice a drop in engagement, then pivot. Do something different. Put more effort into your stories. Ditch that fear and do IGTV. I don’t really give a damn about the amount of time you spend on this platform, as long as it is intentionally moving towards your big-picture goals.

If you want to dive even deeper into the whole Insta-thang, then check out Melanie’s kick-ass Instagram episode, Boost Your Instagram Engagement (she even calls me out on my bullshit along the way and challenges my Instagram account!)

Know Your Audience

Speaking of your big-picture goals, if you’re a Creative, then chances are you’ve got a client that you are hoping is actually seeing these glorious Instagram posts of yours.

We’ve all heard that we need our Ideal Client Avatar to truly learn about the peeps we are trying to serve.

The number of times that I have rolled my eyes when marketers start telling me to fill out a profile and name my ideal client, could probably make me go blind (is that a thing?) And they aren’t wrong, truth be told. We DO need to know our ideal client.

But here’s where Melanie and I differ from the rest of the crowd. I don’t give a shit where they shop, or the fact that they use exfoliating tissue to wipe their asses. I do, however, give a shit about what keeps them up at night. I do care about the hefty weight that sits upon their shoulders. I do want to know exactly, why their smiles are only half-hearted, and why they dream of a life of joy, but can’t seem to achieve it.

See where I’m going here?

In order to truly serve our ideal client, you need to stop thinking of them as your ideal client and see them for the PERSON that they truly are. Just a single person, with fears and pains and trauma that all circle around in their day-to-day, while they search for the answer to their greatest pain.

Their answer needs to be you, and what you are selling, dear chica.

Too often, I see my friends filling out their Ideal Client Avatar, and selling to them as if they are a mass collective that needs to buy whatever shit they’re offering. Hold the phone here, dude. Slow yo’ role. Let’s get back to thinking of your clients as an individual, so you can meet them on the level that they are individually stuck at.

Sell what they want, give them what they need.

This will move the needle in your creative business far faster than any mass-selling strategy ever could.

Soulful sales in a thang! We are super passionate about building a soulful business that fulfills you instead of draining you – and you can listen to that podcast episode right here!

Make Waves And Stand For Something

I know I know, having a voice can sometimes be scary for a creative. We WANT to speak up and out. We KNOW the importance of standing for our own voice, and the voice of whom we want to serve.

But still every day, I hear my coaching clients tell me that something deep inside of themselves stops them from showing up.

Are you showing up for your own life? Are you showing up in your greatest capacity, for others?

If not, then I’ve going to tell you with love, that it’s time to show up, babe, regardless of the fear in your heart.

If you want to be a leader in your niche then you need to be a leader. In the current context, this comes with sending out a polarized message to your followers. I call this a polarized message because it should be something so YOU, so near and dear to your heart, then you cannot help but get fired up about it and thus, instead of either dear adoration from your clients, or pure hatred. I’m not telling you to go around the social platform like an asshat or anything.

But for god’s sake, if you have a message on your soul, then speak it.

There is nothing more painful in this world than having a story or a purpose for your life and being too afraid to share it with the world.

Leaders have polarized messages

When it comes to the Instagram platform, I want you to ignore all Instagram metrics. All. Of. Them. For just one month, I want you to practice speaking the small voice within your soul, without shame, and without fear. Don’t give a damn about the likes or the engagement. Just practice speaking your truth. Slowly but surely, you will begin to speak to your people. And that my friend, is when the magic of impact, truly becomes real.


Storytelling is one of your greatest assets when you are practicing showing up in your authentic self. If you are having trouble speaking your voice, then I highly recommend starting with your story.

Sharing your story with your people will help them connect with you on a deeper level so that you will begin to share an emotional bond. This bond is what will later, foster sales for your business.

We buy, based on what we feel. Not what we need.

Telling your story truthfully and sharing it with your ideal clients who need it most, is the best way to get true engagement on your platform because you are leading them by example. You are giving them a piece of your own transformation.

If you are struggle-busing trying to figure out how to tell a story (or what story to tell) then go no farther chica, cuz I got you. I used to think my couch-life with my lattes and yoga pants was not glamorous enough to tell. I mean hello, it’s the quintessential entrepreneur gal story, what’s so original about that? Well, it wasn’t the yoga pants, but it was the reason WHY I was sitting on my couch, WHY I wore those pants, and WHY I couldn’t find the courage to get off said couch and make something of my life.

Now that story is one that my creative gals NEED to hear because if I am speaking to my people, it is describing a similar pain point that they too are either experiencing currently, or just coming out of.

My story about hitting business burnout and falling flat on my face is not glamorous or exciting. But it’s real. And it’s one of the biggest pivot points of my life that brought me here, typing out this podcast episode for YOU.

Your story is all about you. And you are special, dude. You ARE meant to have a voice that you use to fuckin show-up. So show up. In your greatest capacity, and you will serve the world and feel all of the intrinsic joy that comes with being a true creative in this universe.


  • [6:06] Algorithm is always changing, don’t get stuck doing what you’ve always done
  • [9:50] Instagram has nothing to do with YOU or who you are
  • [15:30] Overcome your fear of showcasing your voice. Become a leader in your space
  • [18:40] What if my life isn’t interesting enough to tell my story?

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