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Unlock Your Creative Podcast #13: Building A Business That Impacts Thousands & Follows Your Purpose

Learn how to build a massive movement and a successful business, all the way from an inspired idea to taking massive action. Listen to this episode designed for creatives and entrepreneurs to help you create the lifestyle you've always wanted. Pin to help you revisit this inspirational podcast for women

Build a Business That Impacts Thousands

Episode #13: Today on Unlock Your Creative, I am joined by Abby McKeirnan, founder and creator of Spark In The Dark, a non-profit whose mission is to connect people in need with people who can help. Listen as Abby shares how she went from depression and divorce to following a spark of an idea that has become a national movement and business.

It’s not easy listening to your inner voice when you find a spark of an idea that you want to pursue. It’s even harder when that voice tells you that your mission in life, is to impact and connect everyone.

But that is exactly what Abby from Spark In The Dark experienced over four years ago. Since then, Abby took an inspired idea and has turned it into a thriving non-profit, that has grown from 25 members to over 11,000.

Listen to Abby’s episode on Unlock Your Creative Podcast, to discover how you can follow your passion and discover your purpose, even when shit in life gets tough.

Follow An Inspired Idea

Tony Robbins says it best, “Success leaves clues.”

I have often found myself wondering, how often do I listen to the pull of the Universe if I am too busy and engulfed in what I think I should be doing? But if Tony is right and the Universe is constantly leaving us clues, how do we know we should listen to this voice?

Abby described her clue as a vivid dream that she remembers clearly even today, four years later. This dream told her to “connect everyone in need.” Abby has spent the last four years doing just that.

But how to get started, with such a large and overwhelming charge as that?

“Decide you’re crazy enough and just get started,” Abby responds. Someone in this world has and will take massive action for an idea just like yours. So why can’t it be you?

Stepping into a seat of your truest potential is often the scariest call of the Universe. It asks us to be more and do more, than we’ve ever done before.

Regardless of the success of your adventure or the achievements along the way, the true magic in this inspired action is the person you become, as you build your passion.

Build A Business of Service

When you get an inspired idea, it is often exciting and overwhelming simultaneously, when you start to imagine all the how’s of your next steps. It can be too easy to get lost in the call for hustling and burnout, in order to achieve your goals for your business.

Many creative entrepreneurs succumb to burnout from consuming and obsessing over their business, without truly connecting to why they’ve started this venture in the first place. Sure, at the beginning it is easy to stay inspired. But when the shit of life threatens to overcome your momentum, what next can you do?

For Abby, she connects to the stories from individuals who have been impacted by Spark In The Dark. This is her “why.” She listens and reads accounts from women whose lives were ultimately changed, by receiving goods or a roof over their heads for themselves and their children. Without Abby and her wonderful movement, these women and their families would remain lost in the system, without a spark of light in their darkness. It is to her highest vision and purpose, that Abby turns to when the tough days creep in and she wants to quit.

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Aligning your day-to-day activities with your “why” can be extremely difficult because as entrepreneurs, it feels like we don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to spend on this connection. We go-go-go with only the end result in mind.

To maintain your inspiration for your business and enjoy the ride, we must focus less on the outcome and more on the service of the contribution that we are lending this world.

In order to build a business you love, you must first build a foundation of love that supports your business.

Growth & Overcoming Fear

For Abby, getting started was much easier than maintaining the growth for her company. As the first in this space, Abby is a pioneer and thus, working hard to figure out problems as they come her way. It is actually harder now, she remarks, not to succumb to the voice inside that tells her to quit.

That voice inside of your head is one that I personally know very well. It’s the sounding trumpet that says:

I’m not enough OR Who am I to do this?

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Overcoming your fear as you grow your businesses, is one of the sneakiest fears you’ll ever encounter. There is a myth in the business world that says once you’ve “made it” life will be perfect. Well, there is no “making it” and there is no “perfection” in life or business. So when your fear continues to harass you, what do you do?

The greatest growth in life occurs when you can sit in your own fear, experience it, and make the conscious decision to follow your inspiration instead.

But what does this look like? What does it feel like to take action in spite of this fear?

Elizabeth Gilbert explains it best when she details her loving relationship with fear. She willingly invites it along for the car ride, but it doesn’t get to drive or navigate. It’s there, but she moves forward anyway.

Get Inspired

Listen to episode #13 of Unlock Your Creative Podcast to hear how Abby went from depression and divorce to following a spark of an idea that has become a national movement and business.

Key Takeaways from Today’s Episode:

  • How to get started building a massive movement and business, despite never done so before
  • How to listen to your creative intuition
  • Following your purpose, even when shit gets hard
  • Dealing with online haters, and how to find true resilience
  • Staving off burnout when you are passionately invested in your business
  • Build a team of support around you

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