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After I hit burnout in my business, I reached for anything & everything that could help me out of my rut.

But where to freakin start?
Affirmations? Meditation? Attending workshops where I pretend to be my own imaginary friend?


recommended tools & resources

After searching for months & months, trying to find answers to my business burnout (and ensuing depression) I have found the best books, lifestyle tools, and healthy options to best get yourself out of exhaustion and into true fulfillment

the shit that helped me the most

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The recommended tools, books, and resources are affiliate links, which means we make a small commission when you click through the link and make a purchase or use our discount code. It doesn't cost you extra. But it does support our business, our podcast, and all of the free content we love to put out. Plus I wouldn't recommend anything other than what I truly love cuz, let's be honest, if we did, we would be assholes. And no one likes an asshole. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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tools for my creative gals

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- Showit -
Get the site of your dreams with extreme ease

- Amazon -
Our booklist for those rainy days when you're cuddled up and ready to grow

- Lightroom presets - 
no.1 way that I edit my social media pics for a consistent brand


Featured are my favorite tools or products that I use, to help both my business and my personal life


a.m. routine

my fav freebies

cuz i love me anything thats free!

- be more productive-
these 6 habits will ensure you feel & do your best

- 90 Day goal planner - 
breakdown your goals into bite sizes steps, without the hustle of overwhelm

- start living despite fear - 
step-by-step blueprint to overcome your fear, so you can start creating


There's nothing better than snuggling in pj's, cuddling with your pups, and diving into an earth-shattering page turner!


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MUST READS for 2019!




these books changed my life,
see how they can do the same for you

2019 Monthly Reading List

Every week, I chat with creative biz owners just like you and me, who delve into the honest truth of what it really means to live a creative life, despite your fear & self doubt. 

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