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Our podcast is a'comin!

I'm tired of fluff & highlight reels!

raw creative

welcome to my

And I promise, I won't bore you with any of that perfection bullshit

Hear from creatives struggling with fear, shame, and the constant pressure to be perfect...and discover their real-life, honest strategies to moving forward in spite of their fear,
feeling enough despite their shame,
and beautiful in their imperfections

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I am a wedding photographer, turned author, turned entrepreneur, turned pj-wearing-talk-to-my-dogs-more-than-people type of business owner. 

I've got a lot of raw, honest crap to say. While you're waiting for us to get our shit together (aka get this podcast lost) meet our host! Start here:

hey I'm Mel!

author, podcaster, photographer, pro-puppy cuddler

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my fave freebies

cuz i love me anything thats free!

- be more productive-
these 6 habits will ensure you feel & do your best

- 90 Day goal planner - 
breakdown your goals into bite sizes steps, without the hustle of overwhelm

- start living despite fear - 
step-by-step blueprint to overcome your fear, so you can start creating