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Have You Been Sleeping Your Life Away?

How to be more present in your life


Have you been sleeping your life away?


Whenever I have asked this question in the past, I usually get funny looks and quizzically raised brows.


So let me further explain. When I ask if you are sleeping your life away, I am NOT referencing the literal amount of hours that you are physically sleeping.


Instead of measuring the hours we are sleeping, what if instead, we are measuring the time that our consciousness is not being aware of or present with itself?


In this sense, you can be asleep, even while physically awake and going through the motions of your life.


If you are sleeping your life away, you are living in a state of autopilot…going through the motions of life merely because they are there, or easy, or the way you’ve always done it.


If this rings true to you, you are not present in your life.


I hear so many people complain that they feel “lost” in life. Perhaps it is not the sense of being lost, but the feeling of being asleep, instead of being the best and most energetic version of yourself?


In this article, I will explore the sense of being asleep throughout your life, and the three strategies to “wake up,”i.e., be more present so that you can live out your real purpose in life:


  1. Be OK with growing slow
  2. Avoid looking to the future
  3. Get out of your head


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BEST BOOK – HANDS DOWN – I EVER READ! If you want to know the best advice for living in your present moment, and what’s more, being happier in your present, then stop what you are doing and read Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul.” There is no single book, that has changed my life more than this gem. I have given copies to my family, to my husband, and would gladly hand them out to strangers if I could, because it is THAT PROFOUND. Please please please do yourself a favor and read this book!




Grow Slow


Most of us move through life on autopilot. We function and experience life, based on what we think we “should” have in our life.


For those of us who are perfectionists or achievers (aka ME) we often function at a level that is almost based entirely upon our goals and what we perceive we need to feel happy.


Think about it: How many times a day, do you dream about having a different life? You can consider both small dreams or big dreams. My point here is, most of us are never satisfied in our present moment, with what we have because we are continually seeking something else to make us happy.


This hustle is a result from a culture that has taught us, “more is better.” Whether that means more money, more food, more success, more clients, the concept of “more” promises us that our experience can be better. Which in turn, makes us believe that our present conditions just aren’t enough.


When it comes to feeling lost in life, or unhappy, most of us turn to outside influences, to help fulfill our giant need to feel satisfied, loved, or enough. What we fail to realize, however, is that to be happy in our current moment, we must first work on the inside and find peace in our present, instead of looking to the outside experience or people.


For me, this means being OK with growing slowly. Slow growth is more about enjoying the journey, rather than getting to the result.


Steps to live a happier life in the present moment


Too many times, we rush through life, trying with every fiber of our being, to achieve these big goals of ours. What we miss, however, is the many moments of learning and growth and exploration along the way. We remain so fixated on the result, that we miss the best moments of life. This sense of hustle ends up being a disservice, and can frequently cause us to feel as if we are unsatisfied and disconnected from our lives.


To be more present in your life, accept slow growth vs. hustle. Be ok with the journey. Life, after all, is all about the ride. Death will come to everyone; there is no need to race towards it.


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Future = Anxiety


When we decide to live in the future, you are embracing anxiety and disconnect into your life. If you are worried about your future, you are living in a constant state of fear, because you are making assumptions about things that have not yet materialized.


If something unfortunate is going to show up, it’s going to happen whether or not you’re worried about it. If you’re a Law of Attraction aficionado like me, worrying about it will bring it more into your existence! So why stress yourself out worrying whether or not your fears are going to be a reality or not?


Do yourself a favor and bring your consciousness out of the future and into your present moment. Yoga enthusiasts might call this centering or expressing mindfulness. I’m not the best at meditation practice, I’ll admit. But remaining in the present state and making a commitment to stay in that centered state, will bring more connection and peace because you are allowing yourself to experience life as it is, not as you wish it could be.


Some of my fav tips for practicing mindfulness: 

  • Put your phone away. Seriously.
  • If you find yourself daydreaming, pull yourself back into the present and focus on what is going on directly around you
  • Limit distractions by staying focused on the task at hand
  • Practice meditation, or guided meditation (some of my fav apps are Calm or Headspace)
  • Read more, watch TV less


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Action Steps:


The tips I mentioned above are some of my favorites. But without overwhelming you, let’s start with my favorite: limiting your phone usage.


  1. Establish hours for your phone. Like business hours, set yourself a time limit on when and where it is appropriate to use your phone. For example, when I start my work day, I lock my phone in a drawer and do not bring it out until the end of my workday.
  2. Put a lock or timer on your social apps. I use the lock app on my iPhone to limit my social media apps. My phone automatically locks Instagram on my phone from 9 am to 9pm…so even if I want tempted to open up Instagram to check my followers, I physically can’t.
  3. Delete social media apps from your phone. I did this two years ago, and have never added them back (except of course for Instagram, which can only be a mobile app)
  4. Stop taking so many pictures and videos and commit the experience to memory.

Today’s action steps involve you making your own “rules” for your phone. And be disciplined with yourself. I think you will find that the less you are on your phone, the more enjoyable your life can be. And once you become comfortable with this discipline, you can also try my other tips, like guided meditation and focus practices.


I always write my “no-phone” reminders in my Weekly Planner. This is such a great daily reminder for me to be present at the moment, instead of always looking to stimulate myself via those apps. And if you’re in need of a great planner, my fav is one I created for myself, printed out, and bound in a booklet that I just got printed by Office Max. You can download it for free! And make sure you write in your “no-phone” hours, this is a game changer.


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