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you were meant to be

The ONLY Ebook + Workbook combo of it's kind!!
Create a purposeful life plan that moves you past all your fear & self-doubt, to finally achieve the life & happiness you've been looking for!

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You May Have Wondered

Why does everyone else seem to have it all together, while I barely keep my head above water?

Everywhere I look, people seem so successful & content in their lives... So why do I feel so unhappy?

How does everyone else manage to do all-the-things without feeling so overwhelmed?

You could experience true happiness in your life.

You could live out your dream life with purpose and intention.

You could have freedom, flexibility, and joy in your personal life.

In 21 Days, our ebook + workbook will transform your entire life, starting with disrupting all of those fears that have always held you back. You'll go from feeling lost and frustrated that life doesn't look like it "should," to finally being in control of your destiny and the life you've always wanted.

What if all those dreams & goals locked inside your heart, could actually happen for you?

everything you've always dreamed?

WHAT IF YOUR life could be

I'm in!

and end every day with joy?

wouldn't you like to begin every day with purpose,

Turn your goals into reality in only 21 days! Each day offers a new challenge, leading you from feeling lost in life, to joyful & fulfilled!

21 days to purposeful living


21 days to purposeful living
ebook + workbook

If you have ever felt frustrated that life doesn't look like it should...

will transform your life in ways you never thought possible before!

Create a custom roadmap for your life, so you know what you want most & how to achieve it.

Tap into your creativity and find your unique strength that will propel you forward.

We all have limiting beliefs. Assess your fears & create a roadmap to move passed them.

Unearth the garbage that is holding your back from success

Discover your true purpose in life

Design a life you love

the only toolkit you'll ever need!

Don't just read lofty ideas and do nothing about it... Each Ebook chapter includes an accompanying Workbook chapter that will challenge you to take direct action so that you can actually move the needle forward!

This 160 page Ebook + Workbook is for you if you want to...

Detox your mindset from negativity, and learn to feel energetic, positive and at peace with your life

Identify the true stressors in your life, so you can eliminate them from your day to day life

Stop feeling guilt or shame if your life doesn't look like it "should"

Go from exhausted and drained, to innovative & creative

Start living the life you've always dreamed of (and keep your momentum going)

Learn to genuinely love yourself and finally be happy!

Yes! I'm ready to change >

there's more tools instore for you!

as if that isn't good enough...

Let's break this down even farther! Get a step-by-step system that I personally use, to make sure that you are staying on top of your goals!
Don't let another year of wishes and dreams look just like last year (insert sad trombone here.) Take control of your goals by following this proven system today!

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To say that I'm obsessed with planning is...well..an understatement!

After years of buying planners that could never help me juggle all-the-things, I created my own! Get instant access with purchase, to the weekly planner that I use to run my two businesses and my entire personal schedule!

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Get daily access to me and the wonderful tribe, through my VIP Facebook Group!

You will receive daily prompts from me, weekly live video chats, and fresh strategies & tips to keep your motivation alive!

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but don't just take my word for it!

— Rachel, wedding planner

I come back to her practices often when I’m struggling to make a decision or take the next step. She has helped me to shed fears, look back at my own story and see myself as others do.

Melissa inspires me to dig deep into my self worth, and realize for myself that I have what it takes to bring my life to the next level

healed my marriage

built up two new businesses

written 2 books

After hitting rock bottom in 2017, I have spent the last two years cultivating specific step-by-step strategies to pull myself out of depression and finally take control of what I want (and how to get there!) These aren't just "nice ideas" or "fluff." Included in 21 DAYS TO PURPOSEFUL LIVING are almost 2 dozen chapters to help you overcome your biggest hurdles and transform your life...just like I did!

For the last 2 years, I have been learning strategies to overcome burnout & depression in my life & business!

i've been exactly where you are now...


since then, I have:

started donating time & money to charities that I'm passionate about

discovered what happiness truly LOOKS like

So glad you asked! To purchase 21 DAYS TO PURPOSEFUL LIVING all you need to do is click the button below that says "Add to Cart" and you will have access to our secure shopping cart!

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As soon as your payment is complete, you will receive an email from my team with the links to download your Ebook + Workbook, plus all of the action bonuses that you get (for FREE) as a thank you for your purchase!

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My Ebook + Workbook is in a PDF format, which means that it is 100% digital (this is not a physical product). You can read the pdf via a desktop, mobile smart phone, or a tablet! You also have the option to print the version for yourself, if you're a physical reader (like me!)

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How this works

here's what you need to know

You could go on worrying about your future staying the same as it is today...

You could continue to be frustrated with your goals

You could continue running around, spinning your wheels, bogged down by overwhelm



You could be more present with your family and marriage!

You could live every day with purpose and intention!

You could have freedom, flexibility, and joy in your life!

yes to change

you could say


so what are you waiting for?

take the first step to change now!