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Every piece in this collection is born from the most vulnerable spaces of my heart. It was a heart that, after such a violent year, needed healing and nurturing. That space came in the form of art.

To surrender, means to connect to a power that is bigger and bolder than even our wildest dreams, and to give all of yourself to that power. It is vulnerable. It is terrifying. It is freedom.

But in these moments came such profound beauty, that I could not help but share the power of surrender with the world. It began in walks in nature. Dipping feet into Lake Michigan in the frigid January months, feeling electric and alive with the wonder for such an exquisite world around me.

To connect to such powerful moments in nature, because the healing solve that began to render me whole again. Where I once felt emptiness, I now felt love.

And it is in my studio, with every moment immersed within the encaustic process, that this dedication to love and sharing the wonders of surrendering to WHAT IS, became the fuel for my inner harmony.

My wish for you, dear collector, is that this inner harmony can now be yours as well.

When the encaustics leave my studio and go into your home, we become connected to the same intentional, soulful energy that we find all around us in nature.

HOME (noun) The space that gives refuge and safety in a noisy world. Quiet. Open. Purity. A carefully curated world that is an expression of one's soul. A collector of the arts, wine, cozy spaces. The smells of pine & rain. A plethora of books, still whispering of worlds to traverse. Cleanliness. A sense of ease with the world.

Natalie Tselpsis

Thank you so much! A true masterpiece!

"Absolutely amazing and incredibly beautiful!"

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I offer commissions that incorporate various sizes to perfectly fit within the open spaces of your home.

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Thank you so much! A true masterpiece!

"Absolutely amazing and incredibly beautiful!"

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This all depends on the current turnaround time at the post office. I ship all pieces out as soon as they are fully cured. This process can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on thickness of wax. Rest assured, I will get your art to you safe and sound.

How long until my painting is delivered?

First, please place your order on our Shop Commission Page. Here, you will be able to select your size and your framing option. Once the order is complete, I will email you, and we can discuss the imagery you want included for your commission. I will begin the creation process and then notify you when it is shipped to your home!

how can i order a commission?

This all depends on your space. I always suggest making these pieces a focal statement in your home. You can use furniture and your interior design to highlight this art. Living rooms, fireplace mantles, and dining rooms are some of my personal favorites.

What Size is best for me?

Encaustic, like all things hand-made, change with time and the conditions of its environment. It is natural for beeswax to cloud over time. This is also known as wax "blooming." You can gentle rub or buff the wax to clean. Encaustic wax takes approx. 1-3 years to properly cure. Enjoy the process of watching the piece evolve as life goes on.

What do I need to know about encaustic care?

Encaustic Paintings originate from ancient Egypt, where they learn the art of preservation. Each piece starts with medium format film and printed in my home studio with bamboo photo rag paper. Next, hot beeswax, mixed slightly with encaustic resin and oil paint, is brushed on and cured, before being scraped back to reveal the film print. Texture and oil paints are added on top for contrast, color, and depth. The encaustic medium creates a gorgeously cloudy, ethereal feel to the painting, bringing a magical sense of wonder and serenity to your home.

Most of my collectors choose to commission custom encaustics, from their most cherished memories: their pets, wedding images, favorite family vacations, a cherished family home, etc. Gorgeous landscapes that you love are also welcome!

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