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Yoga + Power Classes

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Ashtanga Yoga

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Vinyasa Flow

Move, stretch, and bend your way into this fluid flow. A vinyasa class is one of the best ways to combine true health, mobility, and strength for your body. Enjoy nourishing flows in the body, core + strength training, and a breakdown of more advanced poses to help deepen your practice. Expect creative movements that will be comforting and intriguing. Please bring your own yoga mat. Props are provided.

Explore a gentle flow with relaxing poses to destress and lengthen your body. A beautiful combo class - start with a wonderful vinyasa flow to strengthen the body and allow fresh energy into your day. Then move slowly into yin postures to help the body relax and work on flexibility, while fully supported and nourished in the postures. This is a well-balanced class that will leave you energized, excited, and restful!

Inspired by the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence, this 90-minute class will strategically increase your flexibility and strength. Track your progress, your strength, and your flexibility.

Improves flexibility over time
Increases strength.
Increases muscle tone.
Improves cardiovascular fitness.
Reduces body fat.
Reduces stress and anxiety.
Increases focus and creativity.
Lowers blood pressure.

This is one of the best yoga flows in the world. You can expect the same poses in every class. 

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Sacred Feminine Flow

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Power Flow

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Book Club + Flow

BRAND NEW! Our unique-to-ReWild class combines 2 of your favorite things: inspirational books with deep restful yoga. Every month, we will pre-select one book. When you come to class, expect a 1-hr class where you will hold long, restful poses. Candlelight and warm cozy blankets will be the vibe. While you hold the depth of the pose, our teacher will read passages from the inspirational book to deepen your practice and fill you with inspiration for your week. Allow yourself these 60 minutes to be nourishing for the body and the mind.

Ready to feel empowered and challenged? One of the best classes to learn specific movements and exercises to build body strength, using mobility and your own weight. Each class builds you to more advanced asanas while learning how to calm the nervous system amongst challenges. It's a great opportunity to break down poses and learn how to safely move into arm balances, inversions, and backbends while respecting your body and your edge. Expect fire and fun!

Feel nourished, open, and energized in this yoga flow. Every class will have the same set of poses. This class is designed to be slow and nourishing, allowing you to deepen your connection with your divine feminine energy. The class will include backbends and deep holds, while also increasing your flexibility. This is the ultimate class for women to come together in a tribe and create an authentic connection with themselves and each other. A favorite class!

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Strength for Arm Balances

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Warm 26:2

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Yoga Wheel for

The yoga wheel is one of the best tools to help soften and soothe lingering pains and trauma in the body. Used for supportive postures, the yoga wheel will give you the necessary support to work on spinal movements, flexibility, and even some of those harder asanas like wheel pose, pincha, and more. Be aware- these wheels can be addictive (and fun!) An entire class is sequenced using our unique-to-ReWild wheels!

Work deep into your strength and flexibility. It is a set sequence in every single class, to help track progress. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises will help you work every muscle in your body - from the deep core to backbends, to twists. Expect to feel energized, detoxed, and ready to greet your life with vitality and a smile. A favorite in the Traverse City community! The room will be a warm temperature of approximately 85 degrees.

Looking to invert, fly, go upside down, and balance on your hands? It takes strategic movements to properly prime your body and your mind to take flight. Get a plan and put it into action to safely learn how to move into advanced shapes. Included in the class will be handstands, wheel pose, side crow, and more. 

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Warm Detox Flow

Detox your body as your flow, sweat, twist, and move towards a healthier, stronger practice. Work on twists for a lucid spine, outer-hip work for deep pain release, and sequenced motions to help you feel refreshed and energized on the mat. The room will be heated to help move your toxins out of your facia and your body.

Strength/Cardio/Dance Classes

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Fit in 45: Core & Glutes

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Cardio Adult Dance / Zumba

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Strong HIIT

No more counting reps, workout to a beat instead! These 60 minutes are designed to increase your heart rate and elevate your strength through body movement + mobility, muscle conditioning, plyometrics, and cardio training for a full-body power session.

- Tone arms, legs, core, glutes and spine
- Increase muscle and burn more fat tissue, quickly
- Increase caloric burn throughout the day
- Improves digestion & metabolic rate

Get energized via loud pump-up music, synchronized movement to the beat, and unique exercises that will be fun, challenging, and dynamic. 

Dance fitness that helps you feel amazing!!! Latin-based music, sprinkled with hip-hop and pop music combine to make an energetic, calorie-burning class.  In one class, learn how to move your hips, chest, and body to the beat, with fun moves choreographed to the music. The set playlist will help you learn the moves every week. This is a great way to get 60 minutes of cardio. You'll feel refreshed and inspired to dance like you never have before! All levels welcome (yes, even if you've never danced before!)

Use all 29 of your core muscles! You will awaken your connection with your core center, strengthening your spine and your hip flexors along the way. You will learn to move properly and engage your pelvic floor (great if you suffer from back pain), use strategic movements that are fun and dynamic, and work towards uplifting and toning your entire center. Whether you are a yogi, a weight lifter, a runner, or you do your own type of fitness, this practice is a great compliment to your health goals. Feel empowered every time you step onto your mat!

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Strength & Mobility

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Energize Adult Dance

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Prepare for fun music and an energizing workout to the beat!  One of the strongest (and back by popular demand) classes offered. 30 minutes of HIIT; 20 minutes of yoga; 10 minutes of core buuuuurn. Expect pump-up music and moves synchronized to the beat.

Added benefits include:
- toning arms, legs, abs and glutes
- Increase metabolism
- Plyometric movements to help improve balance
- Use all 29 of your core muscles!

If you've been looking for a n upbeat workout class, this is your jam. Bring gym shoes and a yoga mat.

Tap into your inner dancer! Adult dance class is finally here! Combine jazz + modern dance for this unique class. We will be working on floor stretches and exercises to tone, routines to get our heart rates up, and music that will leave you singing and dancing! Every month, we will work on a new routine and a new song! No props or shoes are needed.

In just 45 minutes, work out your shoulders, back, biceps, core, glutes, and legs using different styles of weights, booty bands, and kettlebells. You'll get into goal-focused movements to help build dynamic movements, flexibility training, and plyometrics before ending with some feel-good stretches. 

There are several benefits to participating in a strength training class:

1. Increased bone density: Reduce risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions
2. Increase metabolism and improve digestion
3. Reduce stress, improve mood, increase self-esteem and confidence
4. Improved balance and coordination

DeStress & Relax

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Gentle Flow & Restore

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Lavender & Candlelight
Restorative Yoga

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Yoga Nidra

Spend 60 minutes working on deep inner relaxation and healing. Yoga Nidra means yoga sleep, allowing you a safe space to completely refresh, nourish, and heal. Yoga Nidra allows your brain waves to relax, which allows for more inner peace, detoxing at the cellular level, and removing old baggage from the mind. Affirmations, visualization, and breathing tools are used in this class to help destress the nervous system. Please dress for comfort. 

Nourish. Restore. Rest. A full 60 minutes of slow, deep restful poses will allow you to shed the old stress from the week. Small massage, oils, and body tapping will allow you to be fully present. This is the best way to unwind from the hectic modern life. It’s a gift to yourself and one of the best ways to nourish your body and soul. Please bring your own mat.

Stretch, release, and breathe your way into peace. Relax your mind and body with soothing and supportive postures. This gentle and restorative practice will help ease the stress of the day, and move you away from the trauma and aches that get stored in the body. Enjoy this soothing hour as a gift to yourself, to feel good and happy, and let your body feel nourished and at ease.

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