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What Has Held You Back From Achieving Your Dream Life?   Earlier, we chatted about shame, and how shame has played an enormous role in how we view ourselves and whether we think we are “worthy” of achieving our dream life in the first place.   Shame is one of the key components that has […]

Is Fear Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals?



How Are You, Really?   I don’t ask this question lightly. And I specifically, don’t want any bullshit answers. No “I’m fine,” or “I’m busy” are allowed. I am asking YOU, for real.   Dig deep down into your heart. What has been weighing on you? What keeps you up at night? What causes you […]

Have You Allowed Shame To Shape Your Life?



Have you ever experienced a single moment in your life – something so profound and extravagant, that it changed the course of your life forever?   Maybe it was an a-ha moment, the kind that offers breakthroughs that allow you to cut through the limiting beliefs you’ve always harbored.   Or perhaps it was an […]

My Keys To Finding Your Purpose & Shaping Your Life



My shaking finger hovered over the button on my phone, as I sat before the screen fucking petrified. A thousand different excuses flew through my brain, ranging from the practical to the dramatic. It’s only Instagram Live, I thought to myself. Surely going “live” and putting myself out there on a video can’t be that […]

5 Strategies To Overcome Your Fear Of Trying Something New



Back in my pro babysitter days, earning $5/hour I might add, I was a pro at doing as little work as I had to, in order to create maximum results. Perhaps that’s why my career was shorter than most and less lucrative than average. But I truly think I was onto something there.   Have […]

Change Your Metric & Transform Your Life



Aside from being terrified that the world will see the curly toe hair that I always forget to shave, I am also afraid of lots of illogical things that, to be honest, usually only exist in my limiting beliefs (aka my own head.)   I am afraid of peeing my pants when I laugh at […]

A Quick Note On Fear, And Why You Need It In Your Life



As 2019 draws nearer, I’ve seen a plethora of new planners, calendars, and goal setting tools that are sure to start drawing in an audience, all seeking to change their life starting in the new year. And while I’m no stranger to being a goal-setting-maniac (hello, type 1 on the enneagram scale yo) I am […]

The Biggest Mistake You Are Making When Changing Your Life



I was chatting with a friend last night, and when she told me her latest story, it was one that sounded all too familiar to me. Not only had I lived it, but it is something that I hear almost daily from other entrepreneurs, small business owners, moms, women, friends, spouses…pretty much everyone. Regardless of […]

3 Strategies to Cut Comparison On Social Media Out Of Your Life

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