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Learn the biggest mistakes I made after launching my book, and how you can use these life lessons to transform your own business and mindset for a healthy life



  So, many of you who have followed me know that I have a goal of being a published author. You might be familiar with my story of how, after being rejected by publisher after publisher as a young adult, that I had given up on my dreams of ever achieving that accolade.   Yet […]

The 2 Biggest Mistakes I Made After Launching My Ebook (And How You Can Learn From Them)

How to be more present in your life



  Have you been sleeping your life away?   Whenever I have asked this question in the past, I usually get funny looks and quizzically raised brows.   So let me further explain. When I ask if you are sleeping your life away, I am NOT referencing the literal amount of hours that you are physically sleeping. […]

Have You Been Sleeping Your Life Away?

How to stop complaining, so that you can learn to love your life



  Have you ever noticed that when you complain, the story that you tell is a wee bit more dramatic than what happened in real life?   Maybe the tone of voice used against you is not harsher and more snobby. Or perhaps your coworker that is being annoying and passive-aggressive is now in your […]

My No.1 Tool To Prevent Me From Complaining

Are you happy with your life? Follow these steps to find out how you can be truly happy and successful in your life.



  As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of happiness, love, and joy.   I’ve also seen the good-church-girl-gone-crazy, the full-on-looney-bins, the uptight look-at-me maid of honors, the monster-in-laws, and the straight up bridezillas. But that’s a tale for another time.   My point is, I’ve seen the best, and the worst come […]

Are You Truly Happy?

Giving vs sacrificing in your relationships



  You may find it strange that I want to define the act of giving. I mean hello, it was just the holidays, right? Don’t we all give until our hearts (or our wallets) can practically give no more?   Well yes, we do. Maybe you even feel like you give of yourself every single […]

The One Secret That Changed My Relationships: Giving Vs. Sacrificing

5 steps to let go of your past pain and forgive others



Learn to Let Go Of Your Past (& Stop Playing The Victim While You’re At It) Have you ever found yourself daydreaming, rehearsing something crappy or painful that had happened to you in the past? Do you ever notice that how, when left unchecked, our minds wander back to some of the worst times in […]

5 Steps You Need To Forgive and Let Go Of Your Past

Use the "I am" statements to take control of your life, to become the person you've always wanted to be



  If you’ve been following along on the blog for a while, by now, you’ll have identified the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams, as well as critical strategies to check your ego. Lastly, we ended with my favorite technique to change your physiology, every time you start coming […]

These Two Simple Words Will Finally Let You Take Control Of Your Life

3 steps to overcome your limiting beliefs to achieve true success in life



  How did yesterday’s exploration of the real YOU go? Yesterday on the blog, we chatted all about taking the first baby steps to love and appreciate yourself genuinely. We explored what authenticity truly means to you, and what it might look like, to live as the best version of yourself.   Secondly, we also […]

3 Ways To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs And Finally Achieve Success

Learn simple steps to love yourself and to love your imperfections in your life



Who Are You?   Seems like a pretty innocent question, right?! I mean, it’s not like this is the only time you’ve had to pull out your identity box and give the obligatory answers.   I think most of us fall prey to the idea that we are our identity boxes. We say things like […]

Learn To Truly Love Yourself Today (For REAL) In 3 Simple Steps

Learn the motivational tips to transform your life, and finally have the dream life you've always wanted



  Today’s blog is near and dear to my heart, because it involves looking back at all of the dreams and goals you wrote down in yesterday action steps, and asking yourself: Who do you have to be, to deserve your dream life?   And if you missed yesterday’s blog, you can catch up on […]

Who Do You Have To Be, To Deserve Your Dream Life?

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