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How to celebrate small wins and increase your daily happiness



  When it comes to assessing one’s life, most people start by counting their accolades. Or perhaps, they build metrics to determine their success. Or maybe they cross things off the To-Do list so that they can feel good about themselves.   Most of us depend on a lot of other, outside things to determine […]

How to Celebrate Small Wins Daily and Increase Happiness

How to create your dream lifestyle and actually achieve it



To Truly Enjoy Your Life, What Dreams Do You Need To Accomplish?   Martin Luther King Jr. once dreamt of nation-wide changes that at the time, perhaps seemed impossible to many. But the force of his dream – his audacity to believe in it fully and more importantly, act on it – created a movement that […]

Master Your Life: How To Plan Your Ideal Life & Actually Achieve It

7 thoughtful unique holiday gifts for 2018



As many of your know, in 2017 I started suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks, depression, mood swings, and overall dissatisfaction in my life. On the outside, my wedding photography business was flourishing and kicking ass, but on the inside, I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and burnout. My marriage was struggling, and I felt as if […]

The 7 Books That Saved Me From Depression And Changed My Life

holiday mindset to stop depression and anxiety



For most people, the holidays kick off this Thursday for Thanksgiving and then after that, it’s a rush to get through Christmas and then the New Years. Now if you’re like me, you’ve been lighting your Thyme Fraser Fir candle since October, and have been playing Pentatonix Holiday songs since September. And I love me […]

3 Shifts You Can Make To Stop Feeling Anxious During The Holidays

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