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Discover 3 easy strategies you need to be able to overcome your fear of failure. Get inspired and motovated to achieve your dreams + download a FREE guide to get the step-by-step formula to achieving your best life goals!


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Did you know that when I was 12, I wrote my first novel? It was your typical vampire-werewolf romance filled with witches, potions, and a whirlwind relationship that ended with the vampire asking the werewolf if she would marry him.   I know, totally cliché, but the fact is I fell in love with writing […]

3 Strategies You Need to Break Away From Your Fear Of Failure

How to maintain motivation to accomplish your New Years Resolutions goals. Read about the 3 key strategies that will help you beat failure and have a successful life


goal setting

  Can I guess the way you are feeling?   Frustrated? Exhausted? Burnout from fighting to accomplish your goals, only to hit roadblock after roadblock?   Maybe by this point in the new year, you have racked up a bunch of kick-ass goals. Perhaps like me, you are a list maker and can dream up […]

How To Maintain Momentum & Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

How S.M.A.R.T. Goals can help you change your life, and achieve the success that you've always wanted


goal setting

  There are only two kinds of people in this world.   Those who make lists (achievers, perfectionists, crazy dog ladies aka ME) And those who do not make lists (weird people??)   Making lists is practically a life necessarily of mine. Call it a hobby or a past time or maybe just a weird […]

How S.M.A.R.T. Goals Can Change The Way You Live Your Life

How to define success for your life and your business as a creative woman


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  You ever see those movies, and something beyond miserable happens to the main character?   The Emperor turns into a llama (Emperor’s New Groove anyone?)   Harry speaks to snakes (do I need to reference where this comes from?)   Carrie breaks up with BIG, again.   Anyway, the point here is that shit […]

Strategies To Define Success For Your Life (And How To Have More Of It)

Find your why for your life, and find your life's true purpose


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  We are diving into something that personally, took a hell of a lotta time for me to figure out but once I did, it truly transformed the way I ran my business and coincidentally, also helped me stay true to my purpose in life, whenever I came up against an obstacle.   Because Lord […]

Find Your Why – How To Define Your Life’s Purpose

Design your dream life, create a goal setting plan and achieve all your dreams


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Overcoming Overwhelm   Dreaming and listing all the things you want to accomplish in your life, can be both exciting and overwhelming. More so the latter I think because when you look at the lifelong span of all that you want to accomplish, it can seem daunting…maybe to the point of feeling impossible.   Does […]

Designing Your Dream Life Plans Without Being Overwhelmed

18 lessons I learned in 2018


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We are only a week away from the New Year of 2019 and as the days crunch ever closer, I can’t help but pay attention to the billions of ads on facebook and Instagram, or email drip campaigns from companies, all touting the perfect goal setting systems for the New Year.   But we’ve all […]

The 18 Biggest Lessons I Learned in 2018

2 changes to your calendar to beat stress, anxiety and overwhelm


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Mondays are often the scapegoat for dreary, unproductive days. They are blamed for our dread going back to work, for the extra traffic making us late, and any other woe that seemingly and intentionally comes our way.   I’ve blamed many a Monday for events slipping beneath my control. The resounding sound from the western […]

The 2 Changes I Made To My Calendar To Help Me Beat Overwhelm

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