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Have you ever fought the urge to chuck your phone into the nearest and dirtiest body of water (I’m talking pond scummy, smells-worse-than-your-brother) type of water? Only to further dissuade you from ever accessing the one million channels you have access to via social media? If you have thus resisted this impressive feat of willingly […]

Finding Creative Freedom For Your Business Through A 4-Month Social Media Detox (Part One)

how to ditch perfectionism


Creative Living

Recognize Your Perfectionist Tendencies to Cut Out The Fear & Shame That Holds You Back Haha, like that title? I do. I laughed the whole time typing it. Then I laughed some more. Because it’s true. It’s soooo true. And even though deep down we all know that the reality of being perfect is as […]

A Letter To Myself: Perfection is Boring

overcome your shame and fear from being a perfectionist


Creative Living

There I was. Lying like a starfish on the floor, my tears streaming down my face as I stared, half confused and half aware that somehow, I had ended up on my bedroom floor, sobbing my bloodshot eyes out. I swiped my hand across my head, investigating for further injury. But all I felt were […]

The One Thing You Never Knew About Me

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