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Unlock Your Creative Podcast #13: Building A Business That Impacts Thousands & Follows Your Purpose

It’s not easy listening to your inner voice when you find a spark of an idea that you want to pursue. It’s even harder when that voice tells you that your mission in life, is to impact and connect everyone. But that is exactly what Abby from Spark In The Dark experienced over four years […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: 5 Tips To Boost Instagram Engagement (No More Hearing Crickets) Ep.10

Have you ever felt lost when it comes to keeping up the masses with your Instagram game? Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of time curating the perfect post, only to have 3 people view it (one of those being your mom’s weird friend who calls herself your aunt, when she’s not, and all […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: Burnout? How to Reignite Your Creativity When You Feel Lost (Ep. 9)

Have you ever experienced burnout in your small business? Maybe you used to be SO PASSIONATE about your business, only to find yourself one day, hating the very thing, you used to love? Are you exhausted, trying to reach for more, when you don’t even know what “more” looks like for you? We’ve been there! […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: 6 Figure Photographer Melissa Lande Dishes Life, Success, Business & Making It Her Mission to Disrupt The Status Quo

In this week’s episode, Marketing and Business Strategist Melanie Aubert interviews her brilliant Co-host / Creative Genius Melissa Lande! She dishes the truth behind running a 6-figure photography business, finding happiness, letting business go, her struggles, her strengths and what you can do when you’re not in alignment with your life. Key Takeaways from Today’s […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: 3 Reasons Why Your Service Isn’t Selling Out and How To Fix It (Ep.7)

In this week’s episode, Marketing and Business Strategist Melanie Aubert and Creative Genius Melissa Lande chat about 3 reasons why your service isn’t selling out and how to fix it. As creative entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves in constant creation mode because we have yet to find what works and what sells. Tune in to […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: SELF SABOTAGE: How To Rewrite Your Bullshit Story (Ep. 6)

In this week’s episode, Marketing Business Coach Melanie Aubert and Creative Genius Melissa Lande chat about self-sabotage: what it is, how to know it’s happening and what to do when you find yourself doing it. Melissa and Melanie give you their own ways of rewriting their truths, nipping self-sabotage when it begins to plant itself […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast: Pivoting Your Business, Embracing Change, & Letting Go Of The Past: How To Reshape Your Business & Your Life (Ep. 5)

In this week’s episode, Creative Genius Melissa Lande and Marketing Business Coach Melanie Aubert chat about pivoting your business, embracing change in both business and personal life, what to expect and why it’s necessary. Feeling stuck in your business? Unhappy with where you’re at? Lacking the passion you once had for what you do? This […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast Ep. 4 : How To Make Sales Online – The Do’s And Don’t Of Landing Clients, No More Feeling Icky

In this week’s episode, Marketing Expert Melanie Aubert and Creative Genius Melissa Lande give you their unconventional approach to landing clients online, booking higher tickets and leading with impact vs income. They dive deep into the difference between chasing money and chasing change – learn how they lead with intention so you don’t feel icky […]

Finding Creative Freedom For Your Business Through A 4-Month Social Media Detox (Part One)

Have you ever fought the urge to chuck your phone into the nearest and dirtiest body of water (I’m talking pond scummy, smells-worse-than-your-brother) type of water? Only to further dissuade you from ever accessing the one million channels you have access to via social media? If you have thus resisted this impressive feat of willingly […]

Unlock Your Creative Podcast Ep.3: Instagram Q&A How to show up consistently, grow your following, and boost engagement

In this week’s episode, Creative Genius Melissa Lande interviews Marketing Expert Melanie Aubert on all things Instagram. They cover: how to grow your Instagram following, how to show up consistently, how to boost engagement, what to do when you’re lacking inspiration and how to handle unsupportive spouses. Key Takeaways from Today’s Episode: Your story is […]